CSR Specialty Contractors, LLC, is located in Wichita, Kan. CSR specializes in restoring, preserving and maintaining structures. Find more information about specific ways to restore, preserve and maintain your structures, in services.

Structures, private or publicly owned, as well as, new or on a historical register, surround us. We interact with these structures and utilize them daily.

Structures can include office buildings, plaza decks, infrastructure, manufacturing facilities, parking garages, public utilities, institutional and religious facilities. Without proper maintenance and preservation, these structures can be seriously damaged or rendered unusable.

Many issues a structure may have are not always noticeable on the surface.  CSR has knowledge and experience, understanding a variety of construction principles and practices to detect current or potential problems and provide clients with the correct, economical and efficient solution.

After thorough investigation, CSR provides detailed proposals to clients; including drawings, material data sheets, schedules and a clear and understandable plan.

After 30 years of experience, we have found our clients expect quality and consistent communication during work performed. Frequently, our work is performed while our client’s operations proceed uninterrupted.   Communication on a daily basis is vital and is not overlooked in our procedures.

CSR ownership has performed services on many structures throughout the midwest, with private individuals, government agencies, architects and engineers for more than 30 years. CRS looks forward to aiding you with concerns regarding your structure to make sure your investments produce for years to come.